Beneficiaries Stories

01 Apr

Ei Ei Thaw Zin was beaming from ear to ear!

Ei Ei Thaw Zin’s teacher noticed that she was not responding in class as usual. It was strange as  Ei Ei Thaw Zin was normally a lively student, but she seemed to have become more withdrawn lately. The teacher checked her hearing aids and they were working well, so she decided to keep an eye on her. This went on for a couple of days and the aids were still working. However, when the teacher checked the earmoulds, she noticed...

17 Mar

Naing Tun Aung knew he was lucky

Naing Tun Aung knew he was lucky: he had his first hearing aids fitted when he was 7 years old when the charity visited his school.  He remembers the first time they squirted the cold paste into his ears and having to sit still until it was ready to be taken out. They explained it was to make his own earmoulds to work with his hearing aids. Then the special paste was taken away and a few weeks later Naing Tun...