Our Role

We wish to bring many good things to life.

The Mandalay School for the Deaf provides financial and practical support for deaf and hearing-impaired children in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

We work primarily in partnership with two schools in Mandalay and Yangon to provide equipment, training, medical staff and volunteers.

More information about the very moving story behind this charity can be found here

Since its foundation in 2015 the Mandalay School for the Deaf has:

  • Supported annual visits to Myanmar with audiologists, Teachers of the Deaf and specialist ENT doctors
  • Provided hearing tests for children at both schools
  • Provided hearing aids for children at both schools
  • Conducted ear operations for life-threatening ear disease
  • Helped to train Myanmar doctors and Teachers of the Deaf
  • Provided specialist classroom equipment to schools in Mandalay and Yangon
  • Enabled Myanmar ENT doctors to visit the UK

More About Us

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for deaf children in Myanmar

Our Aims

To improve the lives of children in Myanmar who are born with hearing problems – or grow up to be affected by deafness.

With Your Help

Deaf children in Myanmar deserve help.  Our partnership so far has been a catalyst for positive change.  Please help us to do more.

Simple Acts of Kindness

We rely on the kindness and charity of good hearted people everywhere – If you have any way to contribute to our cause we will be most grateful.