The impact of recent events on the charity

Given the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on international travel, compounded by the current political situation in Myanmar, it has not been possible to carry out the planned activities of the charity in Myanmar since early 2020. The Trustees have therefore decided to build the level of reserves in readiness for resuming activities as soon as possible. The Trustees’ long-term objectives are unchanged.

Deafness Worldwide

Whilst our focus is on the deaf children and young people in Myanmar it is important to take a wider perspective. Myanmar is not alone in having very limited resources for deaf children. Of the 350 million deaf children worldwide, it is estimated that 80% of all children live in low and middle-income countries.

Whilst exact numbers are hard to come by it is also known that in many areas free schooling does not necessarily mean deaf children have access to education. Where parents have to pay for school uniforms, books and pens they also face the decision of which children to send to school. Deaf children are the most likely to be excluded, there is a pervading view that such children will gain little from education.

It is estimated that deaf children are three times more likely to be abused. Deaf children face challenges in trying to access any support from teachers, medical staff, or police services as communication skills will be basic and adults will be unable to communicate in home sign.

There may be local belief sets that work against the rights of deaf children. Education of both deaf children and wider society is needed if these children are to have any opportunity to meet their potential. In some areas, local innovation has made a huge difference but a vast amount remains to be done.

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We Rely On Your Help

We rely on the generosity of our donors to support our work. We generate funds from our events organised for the sole benefit of deaf and hearing impaired children of Myanmar. The charity is run by volunteers and administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum.  See upcoming events

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We are a charity that brings people together. We facilitate partnerships between those that are experts in supporting the education and health of deaf children. These are equal partnerships between organisations and individuals in both Myanmar and the United Kingdom. read more here >

Our Role - Why We Need You

The Mandalay School for the Deaf provides financial and practical support for deaf and hearing-impaired children in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

We work primarily in partnership with two schools in Mandalay and Yangon to provide equipment, training, medical staff and volunteers.

More information about the very moving story behind this charity can be found here

Since its foundation in 2015 the Mandalay School for the Deaf has:

  • Supported annual visits to Myanmar with audiologists, Teachers of the Deaf and specialist ENT doctors
  • Provided hearing tests for children at both schools
  • Provided hearing aids for children at both schools
  • Conducted ear operations for life-threatening ear disease
  • Helped to train Myanmar doctors and Teachers of the Deaf
  • Provided specialist classroom equipment to schools in Mandalay and Yangon
  • Enabled Myanmar ENT doctors to visit the UK

This video shows what life in a Myanmar village is like

Like most charities we rely on donations to provide financial support for our work. Training a doctor or a specialist Teacher of the Deaf can cost many thousands of pounds and we are so grateful to the many UK audiologists, doctors, teachers and other volunteers who provide their time free of charge to help support us.

What We Aim To Acomplish

The aim of Mandalay School for the Deaf is to raise the standard of education and health of deaf children throughout Myanmar.

 How will this be done?
An Equal Partnership

An equal partnership has been established between those working for the benefit of deaf children in both Myanmar and the United Kingdom.

Learning Together

Myanmar Doctors, Audiologists and Teachers of the Deaf come to the UK to share their experiences of helping deaf children reach their full potential.

With Your Help

ENT doctors, audiologists and teachers of the deaf from the UK travel to Myanmar to carry out hearing tests, where possible give hearing aids and carry out operations on deaf children. In addition, they help with the training of Myanmar colleagues.


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