Anne Dearle JP NFF B.Ed

Anne Dearle JP NFF B.Ed
Retired Magistrate

As a school friend of David Blakeway Smith's wife, Sandy, who founded MSFD, Anne has been closely involved with the charity since the idea of it was conceived in May, 2013. She had the privilege of visiting the school in the autumn of 2016.

Location: Dorset

Anne Dearle  JP  NFF  B.Ed

Having been Froebel trained, she has had a life-long interest in child development and education.  By teaching a wide age range of children and adults, she developed a special interest in dyslexia and other problems which affect children’s and adults’ lives.  Consequently she set up Special Needs Departments in a number of preparatory schools and at Bryanston School in Dorset.

She has been a magistrate for 31 years, gaining experience in all areas of court work.  However, she eventually concentrated on the Family Court, becoming chairman of Dorset’s Family Panel of Magistrates.

Throughout her adult life she has has been actively involved with children’s charities, founding the Blandford Branch of Save the Children in 1982.  She has three children and four grandchildren, whose ages range from 27 to 4 years.