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15 May

Education of deaf children in Myanmar: Visit of Mandalay School for the Deaf 2020.

The charity supports two schools for the deaf, one in Mandalay and one in Yangon. To understand the schools for the deaf it is important to understand that none of the “teachers” are qualified to teach. They are trained in social care, reflecting the current situation where deaf children come under the Ministry for Social Care and Welfare. They are required to deliver the National Curriculum including English, although many staff are not conversant in English. This visit was made...

01 May

A Mothers Story

How far would you go for answers? One mother’s story. When meetings are called at our children’s schools, do we always go along? Would you if you had to travel for hours for a one hour meeting? Would you go if there was a snowstorm or floods were predicted?  How about if you lived in an area of civil unrest where you might be stopped? There are no specialist trained Teachers of the Deaf in Myanmar and those working in the school for...